Visual supports are an effective strategy that includes: concrete items, pictures, symbols or printed words and/or a combination of these. These supportsmay assist children in their ability to maintain attention, understand spoken language, and sequence and organize their environment (Hodgdon, 1995).

Using visual schedules, choice boards, tools to give information, tools to manage behavior and lots of other visual strategies can make a significant difference in a student’s ability to participate successfully in school and home routines.


Introduction to visual supports, when are they helpful and how to teach and use them.
How to use a Schedule Board - VIDEO (Pinterest)
Create Visual Supports - Templates to help you easily build boards and schedules.
Core Words Communication Boards - An Overview
What is PECS? - Picture Exchange Communication System.
PrAACtical AAC.org - Free Resources for Making AAC and Visual Supports
PICTO4me - Free program that works with Google Chrome and allows you to create communication boards and other visual supports.
Creating a Beginning Communication Book
Pinterest - Making Communication Books & Boards
Visual Tools - Links to many visual communication resources


do2Learn- Printable Picture Cards
Free Picture Exchange Pictures
23 free printable visual schedules for home & daily routines
How-To Template - Visual Schedules

Core Words Board

Bathroom Schedule

General Communication Board

Elementary Schedule

Basic Core Words Board

Something's Wrong Board

Let's Play

Blow Bubbles

Old MacDonald Song Board

Wheels on the Bus Song Board

Twinkle Twinkle Song Board